2013-05-20 11:10:56

Brian Boos

Analysis complete, captain!

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2012-10-07 01:27:08

Brian Boos

This is a movie review site, but it's really more like a post-game show. I enjoy talking about movies almost as much as I enjoy watching movies. I enjoy analyzing their plot, writing, and execution. I like pointing out plot holes, finding logical fallacies, and making fun of blatant gaffs. Too many promising movies fall victim to a writer's carelessness or a director's laziness. These reviews will expose charlatan cinema, while extolling truly great storytelling.

I can't write a complete review without analyzing the majority of a plot, please don't read a review if you haven't seen the movie. I really don't want to spoil anything for you. Even if a movie looks disappointing, its a shame not to be able to watch it without bias or background information. It's hard enough to avoid plot spoilers when you see a trailer, don't make it worse.

2012-08-20 14:45:02

Brian Boos

The position of Chief Logic Officer has been filled!